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Consistency: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Consistency: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
By August Bradley • Issue #21 • View online
In this Issue:
  • Thoughts + Reflections
  • Personal Performance Roundup
  • Human Knowledge
  • Our World Transforming
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Thoughts + Reflections
Consistency: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Consistency is the key to achieving just about anything. Consistency is what it takes.
When you examine exponential growth patterns, you see feedback loops pouring more resources and energy into each subsequent iteration. No individual iteration by itself is particularly remarkable. What makes them so powerful? Consistency. 
Consistency is the gatekeeper. It’s the hurdle to clear. It’s the required standard to progress.
Consistency produces momentum, and momentum produces more consistency. Repeated self-reinforcing actions in life, engineering, business, and society produce large-scale transformative results. Consistently.
Inconsistency produces none of this. 
So let’s be clear up front on what we need to achieve in any pursuit.
Consistency sounds simple — just do it, right? But our instincts, our minds are drawn to the new. And the new is by definition not consistent. Consistent is old, a rerun. And the old routine is not as exciting. 
But you know what is exciting? Exponential growth. The transformation at the end of that expansion curve. Life change. 
So the trick is to stay cognizant of the end point (the desired state) while progressing each step along the journey. Day by day, hour by hour. Long-term vision with short-term actions.
This does not occur naturally. The best approach I know is systems to keep the vision and the actions aligned. The two must remain obviously, intuitively, and even emotionally connected.
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From James Clear:
Most people need consistency more than they need intensity.
-run a marathon
-write a book in 30 days
-silent meditation retreat
-don’t miss a workout for 2 years
-write every week
-daily silence
Intensity makes a good story. Consistency makes progress.
Recent Published Media
I had a fun and thoughtful conversation covering some new topics with Brandon Zhang on his Student Mindset podcast. Brandon has been a great example of hustling and providing value to build an active audience.
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Personal Performance Roundup
Human Knowledge
Our World Transforming
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Brandon Zhang
Growth and embarrassment are correlated.
Brandon Zhang
Focus on curating thoughts that trigger other thoughts.
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