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Life Genre

Life Genre
By August Bradley • Issue #24 • View online

Hi everyone, with the course’s live sessions winding down I’ll soon be shifting my focus back to a broader range of writing and video creation. I’ve been thinking a lot about what will essentially be Season 2 of the YouTube channel. We’re not there yet, have some more key pieces to fill in on the original series and will continue to update and bring new ideas to the core Notion PPV Life Operating System. But I see opportunities to expand the concept of what we’ve been doing and bring a fresh approach while still staying true to the core aspect of the channel and the Notion Life OS system design.
As we’ve discussed, creativity is finding or generating unexpected connections between things we’re familiar with. The new combinations can bring a surprising originality to the ordinary individual components. I’m thinking of mashing up some genres that one would not typically think of as relevant or even possible in productivity and life-design videos. I have a lot of R&D ahead to figure out how to do this.
I’m searching for a way to make the Notion PPV system come ALIVE in various media formats. It may be a software system, but it’s a software system for and about life. My life certainly, and many of your lives too. Quite a bit of story lurks within those Notion pages and databases. A lot of desire. A lot of disappointment. A lot of joy. And a lot of pain.
I want to share real system use-cases that reveal meaningful insight into life. What we can learn from the patterns and behaviors that led to spectacular success, and to catastrophic failures. I want to share in a way where we can discover together — more experimental, trial and error.
Notion and the Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults system has been the backbone of my life, the organizing structure. Increasingly, a community of like-minded seekers has been emerging. Perhaps you are a part of that movement. Presenting the core system is important and will continue as far out as I can imagine. But I can also see revealing what life is like using the system, implementing and executing as it guides us and shapes our efforts. Diving into the real-life experiences and trials and failures. What happens when it works as designed? What happens when it fails us? What happens when we fail it?
Life Genre
I think mixing genres to do this could not only be fun, but revealing.
gen·re /ˈZHänrə/ noun – a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.
So what is my genre? My video genre is straightforward: informational, educational tutorials. Sounds dry, but it has generated a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. The passion comes from its deep-rooted connection to our lives, and in particular our dreams and hopes and aspirations. These things are not dry.
To bring the Notion videos alive in season two, they need more actual life in them. To reveal how the programmed bits and bytes intertwine with biology and business and space and time and social dynamics. We need to bring not just one, but many lives into it. None of us exist in a vacuum.
I’m searching to bring something fresh to the info-tutorial format. This is what brought me to the idea of genre mash-ups, informed by real-life narratives.
Can our lives have a genre? Has this year been a Thriller? A Horror? Maybe Sci-fi? Or has there been Romance? Musical? Comedy? We can probably rule out Action, Adventure, Travel.
What is your genre? Inevitably that will influence the story you tell yourself, and how you frame the world. It will influence what you choose to do, how you approach it and what you create.
Can deliberately mixing up our genre create change, not just in art but in life? Can it break us out of a rut, or introduce a new outlook?
Seems worth a try. If you’re not happy with your current genre, try a new one. Change your own channel. Get out of the routine. No more settling for the default.
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Choose the genre for your life.
Choose the genre for your life.
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