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Managing Your Minutes

Managing Your Minutes
By August Bradley • Issue #14 • View online
In this Issue:
  • Thoughts + Reflections
  • Hitting 10k / Vaults Video
  • Personal Performance
  • Human Knowledge
  • Business Transforming

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the 1,175 new subscribers since our last issue two weeks ago! Today we’re counting the minutes, so let’s dive in.
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Thoughts + Reflections
Minute Management
On any given day — particularly an unstructured, unexamined, unplanned day — we have an endless range of appealing channels to direct our attention. And we have endless ways we can invest our time to build an grow. It’s typically no contest which we’re more inclined to gravitate toward.
Henry David Thoreau wrote, “The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it.”
In those terms, how expensive is that social media rabbit hole? How expensive is your Netflix subscription… measured life?
Every minute of activity costs the same amount of life. Yet the returns vary widely.
Some minutes spent provide a minute of benefit. Others provide many minutes of benefit. And the intensity per-minute of those returns-on-minutes vary greatly.
Money is minutes too. It’s a stored exchange for someone else’s efforts at a future date. A store of minutes. 
With money you buy the minutes of others, instead of spending your own. They’re future-minute notes.
Sellers offer their minutes, so they can in turn store up on the future minutes of other people. These other people have a wider variety of skills, earned over time. Earned over many many minutes.
If an expert can do something faster because of skill, and can do it better — spend some of your saved future-minute notes to buy their current minutes. That’s better than spending your minutes to ineffectively struggle. Or if you’ll need a lot of that type of skilled minutes later, learn and make your minutes the quality of minutes you will repeatedly need.
Unless your minutes can generate an even greater quantity of skilled future-minute notes doing something else.
Leverage is applying technology, scale, reputation or some other force multiplier to get more minutes per minute. This is the real magic trick. Systems are feedback loops repeatedly applying leverage, performing the magic trick over and over and over again. Systems can be minute making machines.
But you can’t spend all your minutes accumulating more minutes, because when the music stops all your minutes vanish — current and future. That’s the catch.
A massive hoard of future minutes does no good without minutes to recoup the benefits. When spending minutes for minutes, you need to keep your eye on the clock. Because it takes minutes to cash-in on the return on minutes.
Minutes are the cost, and minutes are the reward. Treat them with due respect.
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Hitting 10K
We hit 10,000 subscribers this week on the YouTube channel!
That’s in just under 4 months.
I’ve started a Twitter thread to share the journey…
August Bradley
(THREAD) I like the idea of sharing growth journeys, so want to offer a behind-the-scenes look as I grow the ecosystem around my teaching & education biz

I've learned from so many others who shared the inside scoop, hoping this is helpful too.

Will build this thread as we go...
August Bradley
1/ My YouTube channel just hit 10,000 subscribers yesterday.

It launched less than 4 months ago.

On it I've been presenting a Life Operating System using @NotionHQ, a comprehensive way to bring focus and alignment to one's life.
August Bradley
2/ The view counts and engagement in the comments is far beyond most 10k channels.

The comment section is entirely positive (on YouTube!?), filled exclusively with people wanting to learn and grow.

The quality of this community around the channel is what I'm most proud of.
…the full thread has 20 tweets in this first behind-the-scenes installment.
Notion Vaults Videos Coming This Week
Today at 9am Pacific Time, I’ll post the first video on the Vaults section in my series on creating a Life Operating System in Notion
This new video is an overview on the Knowledge Management module of the Notion Life OS (the KM module can operate on it’s own, or integrated with the Project/Task Management core system).
Link to the video here. Then the next four videos will go in depth on the various vaults summarized in this overview.
Personal Performance
Maggie Appleton's evergreen note framework
Maggie Appleton's evergreen note framework
Human Knowledge
The 10 Most Useful Mental Models | Scott H Young
Business Transforming
4 reasons why businesses should keep investing and growing during a downturn
Discovered on Twitter
The Scorpion Philosopher
To know what you want to draw, you must begin to draw.

- Pablo Picasso
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