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The MIND & MACHINE Newsletter Returns

In this Issue: Changes for This NewsletterNow Playing on MIND & MACHINEOur World TransformingHuma
The MIND & MACHINE Newsletter Returns
By August Bradley • Issue #1 • View online
In this Issue:
  • Changes for This Newsletter
  • Now Playing on MIND & MACHINE
  • Our World Transforming
  • Human Performance Enhancement
  • Business Transforming

Changes for This Newsletter
I apologize for starting this newsletter with so much excitement and then disappearing for many months. I had intended to go dark for a few weeks while moving my home and business, then went into overdrive with consulting client work stretching my days to capacity (and beyond). Those pressures never let off, and I was confronted with the reality that I didn’t have the capacity to sustain my passion projects at the current pace (the passion projects being thoughtfully-crafted weekly episodes of the show and the newsletter).
Yet I love doing this newsletter and the show so much, at no point did I ever want to stop. The connections and community and ongoing dialogue of important ideas make life so much richer and more rewarding. I was also increasingly asking myself what I really want to achieve with these written and video expressions, and since I had already stopped for a few months at this point I decided not to start up again until I had my mission and a sustainable execution plan all in place.
So here we are, and I’m more fired up than ever to dive into this. Regarding the newsletter, my intention has always been for this to be the central hub of the science, tech and human-enhancement content production I do, plus a distillation of my thinking and curation of the vast information that crosses my radar.
I have realized that weekly is too frequent, both for me to sustain and considering how often news arises that meets the hurdle of being worthy of presenting to you (news that I hope lies outside of your normal channels, I’d like this curation to be full of fascinating surprises). I don’t just want to send a stream of nice-to-know stories, but rather the most essential material. Therefore, I will now send the newsletter typically once a month, potentially up to twice a month depending on the volume of share-worthy information that has arisen. In other words, the hurdle is going up on what I present here, so the quality and value of each issue is jumping considerably.
My reflection on what I want to achieve here has also led to some revelations. While I love the fantastical visions of the future, and will sprinkle them in when relevant, I’ve realized my greatest desire is to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives by sharing more actionable info and insights on emerging knowledge and technologies. So I will lean increasingly toward new tech and ideas that can start changing our lives for the better now or in the near future, while connecting the dots to where this seems likely to evolve further down the horizon.
So much is being discovered and discussed so quickly that it’s hard to separate what matters from the endless hype. I hope this can be a source to do that. As always, I would love to hear what you think about this emerging direction for the newsletter and the Podcast/YouTube show (please reply to this email if you have any thoughts, or if this direction is not for you there’s an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each newsletter).
I’ll share more thoughts soon on my vision for connecting future and emerging technologies into our lives to become more capable and effective across our personal and professional priorities.
Excited to be back!
Now Playing on MIND & MACHINE
The new season of our weekly podcast and YouTube Channel has launched — the lineup coming together is exceptional. Here are the first three episodes of the new season from the past few weeks:
Neuromorphic Computing, AI Machines Simulating the Brain with Steve Furber on MIND & MACHINE
Neuromorphic Computing, AI Machines Simulating the Brain with Steve Furber on MIND & MACHINE
CRISPR Gene Editing & Mind Reading Technologies with Stanford Law Ethicist Hank Greely
CRISPR Gene Editing & Mind Reading Technologies with Stanford Law Ethicist Hank Greely
Technology Transforming Media with Martin SFP Bryant on MIND & MACHINE
Technology Transforming Media with Martin SFP Bryant on MIND & MACHINE
Recent Writing
Thought Essays on Medium
Our World Transforming
Your phone and TV are tracking you, and political campaigns are listening in
The Future of Food: 3D Printing, Vertical Farming & Materials Science
Human Performance Enhancement
Build Your Own Mental Gym
How to Track Sleep, The Top Parameters To Track, Interpreting Your Sleep Trends (Sleep Enhancing Tech)
Business Transforming
Is Amazon Unstoppable?
Heard on Twitter
I totally agree with Maria’s quote here…
Maria Luciana Axente
“The press needs to stop treating AI like some kind of unearthed scientific discovery dug out of the ground or found on Mars. AI is just a tech that people use 2do things." 👏🏻👌🏻 @j2bryson in latest @BBCNews ft (h/t) @lawrennd on use of Terminator for AI
Image of the Week
Thanks for Reading!
Thoughts and feedback on the newsletter or on anything covered within are always welcome, just hit reply. – August
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