Year Zero + Big Announcement

Year Zero + Big Announcement
By August Bradley • Issue #20 • View online
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Hi Everyone, and a special welcome to our 1,492 new subscribers since our last issue two weeks ago!
After six months of presenting and receiving endless feedback on the Notion Life Operating System, and seeing a passionate growth-minded community of 15,000 come together around this newsletter, and on the cusp of 20,000 on YouTube, I am incredibly excited to announce my first formal educational program.
It’s the culmination and optimal learning setup for the Notion PPV Life Operating System I’ve been sharing in parts. Now it’s all brought together in the online course:
A big part of that program is the community platform, also just assembled. Community is the secret ingredient to any great learning and growing experience.
The community goes far beyond the course. I’m also announcing the launch of the Year Zero Collective — an online membership community open to anyone interested in Notion, PPV, Habits & Routines, Personal Knowledge Management, Mental Clarity, Accelerated Learning and more. Details are at:
Both the course and the community open for enrollment on Tuesday this week (10/6/20).
It has been my dream to enable the exceptional group around the newsletter, podcast, and YouTube channel to come together in a space where ideas flow in all directions. So often I get emails after a newsletter or podcast where I wish everyone else could see the thoughts and ideas brewing from the discussion. So often I see insightful comments under a YouTube video and wish the commenter could share across more topics than just that one video, or wish I had a way to click to more of his or her thinking.
Now, for those who want to more actively engage and more thoroughly explore the ideas of this newsletter, the Mind & Machine Podcast, and the Notion YouTube channel, we have a home. A home optimized for supportive, mind-expanding growth and discovery. If that sounds like you, please join us!
If you are good with the current level of engagement, no worries. This newsletter will continue and improve as always. This is the hub of everything, the central source of the rest in the ecosystem. And it’s just getting started! 🚀
Now, on to our regularly scheduled issue 🙂 
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Thoughts + Reflections
Year Zero
Year Zero is the name of my new initiatives. After launching recently with the new branding, I received an email from a curious client asking what I would be doing with the name in the upcoming years. You know, when it’s Year Zero + 1 year then Year Zero + 2 years (or Year One and Year Two for the mathematically inclined).
I replied that it’s always Year Zero. No matter where you are in life or what you’re doing, it’s Year Zero for the next stage. The current moment is perpetually Year Zero of the rest of your years.
The name is a reminder. We are not stuck in tracks or slotted into fixed paths. At any given point we can take stock in our lives, assess what we’re doing and where we want to go, and from that point head out in any new direction. 
I know, I know. That’s not completely true. We have obligations, things we need to see through. Family and business commitments that would be hard (or even cruel) to extract ourselves from. 
But it’s a lot more true than we think. We can reset and restart and redirect in so many more ways than we think, than we dare consider. We can do it with our own personal behaviors and thoughts and habits — healthy living, committing time where we choose, directing love and energy where we prioritize, breaking free of self-destructive or even toxic environments and life patterns. 
Economists talk about “sunk costs”. These are costs one has incurred that are done, paid for and cannot be recovered. The primary insight of sunk costs is that they should have no impact on future decisions. They are sunk, and therefore irrelevant going forward. 
But human psychology has an irrational attachment to sunk costs. And time after time we stay on a course merely because we had invested in that path, even though the investment is a sunk cost. Many spend tens of thousands of dollars on an education in a particular field, then lose all interest in it. So often that person sticks with that field because they had invested so much time and money in that path and feel obligated. This is a sunk cost. Let go of any attachment to a path merely because it cost you something to get to this point. The assessment is future opportunity vs. future cost.
When it comes to investment in learning, many aspects are transferable in ways that one cannot see up front. Virtually any educational experience has some transferability to alternate paths. Did it teach problem solving? Teamwork? Discipline? Communications skills? Most learning is transferable across life. That’s why it’s always the best investment.
A famous example is Steve Jobs studying calligraphy in school, which had a direct impact on the elegance and design of the Mac operating system as Jobs meticulously obsessed over fonts. Nobody could have connected those dots up front. Examples of this are endless.
So think of today as Year Zero and consider how you might reset and reboot for a fresh start. And periodically do assessments from the perspective of Year Zero of the rest of your life. 
This does not mean jump around erratically and never finish anything. Momentum and progress from the past will inform and establish your opportunities to choose from. Find ways to build upon that. But do look at the landscape of your opportunities and do make a choice. Or the choice will be made for you.
 Year Zero is a choice. Your choice. Use it.
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Recent Published Work
I had a fascinating discussion with Akshay Kothari, the COO of Notion on the Future of Notion and how everyone will be able to create their own software in the future. I shared a short excerpt on my Notion YouTube channel (including his new comments on when to expect the API).
The Future of Notion, API, Security & more with Notion COO Akshay Kothari
Mind & Machine Podcast
And in the new Mind & Machine Podcast/YouTube episode I share the full 50 min. interview with Akshay Kothari, COO of Notion. A broader exploration of the future of Notion and the transformation of software without coding.
The Future of Notion – with Notion COO Akshay Kothari
The Future of Notion – with Notion COO Akshay Kothari
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Personal Performance
Human Knowledge
The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard:
Advantages of Longhand Over Laptop
Note Taking
Our World Transforming
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Brad Stulberg
Secret is there is no secret. 13 rules. Modern science and ancient wisdom.

Eat whole foods.
Build community.
Care deeply.
Hold pain tenderly.
Give help.
Get help.
Stay on path.
Fall off path.
Get back on path.
Be patient.
Accept what is—keep going anyway.
Sleep when tired.
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